New at PBS MediaShift: Magazine Multimedia and Analytics

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From a Flickr search for “data.” Things I can use on the blog, but not on MediaShift! Photo from JD Hancock

I have two new posts up at PBS MediaShift: one on the integration of multimedia production into magazine production processes (which finally seems to have become a more natural part of the workflow), and a second sort-of-follow-up piece on how magazines know when their multimedia works…analytics!

The use of analytics to refine digital magazine content is really fascinating. As I mention in the story, print magazine editors have no such source of insight into whether and how readers are engaging with their content, and have to rely on limited forms of reader feedback, research, and their own intuition. Those tools worked pretty well for a while, but — for digital content — the availability of analytics data certainly offers a whole new variety of opportunities.

I’d be curious to find out about any magazines that make significant changes in their content after reviewing analytics data over a longer term. Or — if they choose not to do that … which would also be an option, I suppose, that prioritizes a reliance on their own intuition over the data.

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