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Teaching Magazine Students More than Magazines

Academia may be notorious for adapting slowly to change. But as magazines have adopted new technologies and approaches, some journalism educators have been innovating right alongside them, updating their teaching of magazine courses to reflect the changing industry. I talked with four professors who teach magazine-related courses about what they’ve been doing to keep their students’ training up to speed with the professional world.  Wherefore Tablets? Dusty tablets are apparently taking up space in at least

The Media Professor’s Textbook Dilemma

One small part of my main office bookshelf. Some really good books here, but few I’ve actually adopted for courses. Every semester, the textbook challenge rises again. Does a specific course really need a textbook? Is there such a thing as a truly up-to-date print textbook on a media-related topic? Could we get by entirely or mostly on freely available/library-accessible online readings, tutorials, MOOC segments and other bits of vetted content? Why are there still no online, interactive

Audio Slideshows…Still Useful?

The BBC is still into audio slideshows… It was this little moment in media where everyone thought the future of media was the audio slideshow. I was hired by The New York Times to make audio slideshows and to teach other people how to do that. I would make over 50 audio slideshows a year, I trained like 200 people on audio recording. I really spent the first 12 months of my existence doing that.

Using Index Cards in the Classroom

I was recently asked to give a short teaching presentation of a teaching technique or tool for our Faculty Teaching and Learning Lunch series here at Linfield. I imagine folks are going to be somewhat surprised that I’m not presenting on something that involves technology; instead, I’m going to talk about my many uses of index cards — low tech but effective! I think my students have come to find my multipurpose uses of index cards

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