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Teaching Magazine Students More than Magazines

Academia may be notorious for adapting slowly to change. But as magazines have adopted new technologies and approaches, some journalism educators have been innovating right alongside them, updating their teaching of magazine courses to reflect the changing industry. I talked with four professors who teach magazine-related courses about what they’ve been doing to keep their students’ training up to speed with the professional world.  Wherefore Tablets? Dusty tablets are apparently taking up space in at least

How NatGeo, Hearst Created Moments With Facebook Video

That little red notification icon on Facebook might now be a magazine reaching out to share a live broadcast with you. Video has probably featured more and more in your Facebook feed recently, whether live or recorded. Facebook says there are about 4 billion views of videos on the site each day, and media companies especially have  been experimenting with using new live video options. Magazines aren’t new to video. They’ve been publishing videos on their

How Magazines Hit the Crowdfunding Jackpot on Kickstarter

It’s sadly unusual to see magazines at the top of any media-related list these days. So when I noticed a recent crowdfunding report where that happened, I had to check it out. The Pew Research Center released a report in January on crowdfunded journalism at Kickstarter, detailing how donations have powered a wide array of journalistic projects in different media. The report’s authors analyzed 658 journalism projects that reached or exceeded their funding targets from 2009 to 2015. Although

Visualizing the Discouraging Realities, Mobile Growth at Digital Mags

Every month, the Magazine Media 360° audience report lands in my email inbox. I’ve always wanted to dig deeper into that intriguing spreadsheet. Finally, it’s spring break — and what else does a journalism professor do on vacation but play around with data? This report is released by MPA, the Association of Magazine Media. Its full name is “The Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report.” It summarizes in a 5-page document (here’s February’s PDF) the current

‘Netflix for Magazines’ Services Explain Why They’re Not Doomed

It must be depressing to hear so many people say that your company’s business model has no future. Some magazine industry observers have recently said that the “all-you-can-read” or “Netflix for magazines” subscription model is doomed. They cite the lack of appeal of digital magazines, the missing sensory pleasure of print, and the superiority of reading individual online articles over magazine issues. Despite these doubts, the companies offering this subscription approach have soldiered on and have seen

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