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Recently at PBS MediaShift: Visualizing the Discouraging Realities for Magazines

Yet another goofy Photoshop mashup by me. I am exhausting the Internet’s stock of CC-licensed photos of magazines. I have a new(ish) post at PBS MediaShift that also represents my first foray into non-scholarly data visualization. I really enjoyed trying out a number of tools before settling on for these visualizations of the most recent Magazine Media 360° report, which presents the most recent audience data across platforms for about 145 magazines. The data

New at PBS MediaShift: Exploring the “Netflix for Magazines” Model

I have a new post up at PBS MediaShift that offers a different perspective on the “Netflix for magazines” (a.k.a., “buffet-style”) business model offered by Readly and Magzter, among other companies. I wanted to hear from these companies about why they think they can succeed with this approach. The two things I found most curious in reporting this story: From my conversation with Blake Pollard at Readly: “We have tried to go away from being a reading app to

New at PBS MediaShift: Magazine Multimedia and Analytics

From a Flickr search for “data.” Things I can use on the blog, but not on MediaShift! Photo from JD Hancock I have two new posts up at PBS MediaShift: one on the integration of multimedia production into magazine production processes (which finally seems to have become a more natural part of the workflow), and a second sort-of-follow-up piece on how magazines know when their multimedia works…analytics! The use of analytics to refine digital magazine

Omni Magazine Online – Tribute Website

Omni Magazine Online – Tribute Website. This is a research project waiting to happen. Omni was actually one of my favorite magazines as a kid. That probably explains a lot. Source: Sivek Engagement

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