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Attempting Intellectual Craftsmanship with a Decomposition Book [#OneLittleThing Series]

My new “Decomposition Book.” Behold: my new notebook, a.k.a. a “Decomposition Book.” Yes, it has cute farm animals on it. I particularly like the inquisitive lamb at bottom left. I have been struggling lately to find a method of capturing the little things that intrigue me in everyday life. I know that some of these factoids and concepts could coalesce into bigger ideas; but I find that taking photos of things with my phone or

Crafting at My Desk [#OneLittleThing Series]

My drop spindle and a (very good) book I’m using for my project. Perhaps I am overly fascinated by productivity- and creativity-inducing tricks. I know I tend to post about such¬†topics quite a bit. But I like¬†experimenting on my own work habits to see what helps me enjoy my work more, or at least get it done more quickly. I am my own research subject. One thing I tried today while writing a research paper

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